Yolo County Juvenile Facility

DESCRIPTION: This expansion and retrofit project included the addition of an 11,000 SF multipurpose building on the existing 4-acre site. The new free-standing facility includes a full-size basketball court, family visiting rooms, and two large multipurpose rooms for additional programs. The new facility will include a wireless duress system, digital intercom/paging, an IP CCTV system, and controlled doors from the existing central control location in the Juvenile facility.

In the existing 38,000 square foot, 90-bed Juvenile facility, existing intercom/paging devices, and door control systems were updated and integrated into a new single control system that allows a control officer to monitor both facilities. A new IP based CCTV system and local storage was provided that replaced all existing cameras in the Juvenile Hall. Design documents were provided for the following systems:

  • Cell and movement door control systems.
  • CCTV system.
  • Digital audio systems.
  • Personal Duress Alarm systems.
  • Network infrastructure.
  • UPS Systems.

LOCATION: Woodland, California
FACILITY SIZE: 49,000 Square Feet, 90 Beds
CLIENT: Yolo County
ARCHITECT: Lionakis – Sacramento, California
SERVICES PROVIDED: Security Electronics System Design

Photo courtesy of Lionakis