Washington Corrections Center for Women

DESCRIPTION: The goals of this project were threefold: to integrate the existing campus CCTV system into a single unified network architecture; to replace all cameras on separate, discrete DVR systems and integrate these cameras into the campus networked system; and to provide new cameras as needed for safety, security and PRIA considerations. Some of the existing cameras were ONVIF compliant and consequently could be integrated with the new networked campus system. Approximately 325 cameras were modified, replaced, or added to the campus system. In addition to CCTV system replacement, hardwired control panels at Central Control were replaced with touchscreens to provide reliable integration and call-up of the networked camera system. UPS systems were also replaced due both to battery failure and system age.

LOCATION: Gig Harbor, WA
FACILITY SIZE: 342,000 Square Feet, 25 Buildings
CLIENT: Washington State Department of Corrections
SERVICES PROVIDED: Electrical and Security Electronics Design