SCC Building 7 Renovation, Jenkins Wellness Center


This project included remodel of the existing Science building to incorporate the following functions:

  • Radiology Technology and Biomedical Equipment Technicians.
  • Student Health and WellnessCenter.
  • Physical Education and Speech.
  • Computer Services Department.

The Computer Services Department remodel included a new data room to house the relocation of the campus servers.  The Radiology Technology included infrastructure for multiple imaging devices including X-Ray, MRI, and CT Scan devices. LEED Gold.

LOCATION: Spokane, Washington
FACILITY SIZE: 35,000 square feet
CLIENT: Community Colleges of Spokane
CONTRACTOR: Bouten Construction – Spokane, Washington
ARCHITECT: Deneff Deeble Barton – Spokane, Washington
SERVICES PROVIDED: Electrical System Design