Santa Cruz County Rountree Detention and ReEntry Facility

DESCRIPTION: The project includes developing bridging documents, work plans, system layout, and preliminary design documents for renovation and expansion of the existing Rountree Medium Security Facility to be used for the expansion of 64 additional beds, new program space, new perimeter fencing systems, and new intake and sallyports on the existing jail campus.

Now known as the Rountree Detention and Reentry Facility, the new and improved detention center combines education, vocational training, and rehabilitation services under one roof, with semi-private living areas for inmates and increased access to a variety of social and rehabilitative services.

Documents were provided for the following systems: movement door control systems; campus CCTV system; campus digital intercom and paging systems; data/telephone infrastructure; inmate telephone systems; video visitation systems; audio-visual systems; perimeter fence detection systems, and fire alarm systems.

LOCATION: Watsonville, California
PROJECT SIZE: 41,926 Square Feet
CLIENT: County of Santa Cruz
ARCHITECT: CGL Companies – Sacramento, California
SERVICES PROVIDED: Low Voltage and Security Electronics Design