Qwest Communications, Lewiston Central Office

DESCRIPTION: Toll, network, and 48VDC central service equipment upgrades required significant modifications to the normal and essential power systems. In addition to increasing the size of the electrical service, the network equipment to be installed required the service to be changed from 208 volt, 3 phase to 480 volt 3 phase. Along with the replacement of the essential power system generator, automatic transfer switch and switchgear, extensive communications interties were designed for the monitoring of the generator equipment from the remote Operations Center in Colorado. The existing fire alarm system was modified due to the extensive renovations of both building and HVAC systems. Supplemental grounding systems were designed to establish less than 5 ohms of resistance; on-site testing measured the ground resistance at approximately 2 ohms.

LOCATION: Lewiston, Idaho
FACILITY SIZE: 25,000 Square Feet
CLIENT: Qwest Communications
ARCHITECT: Deneff Deeble Barton – Spokane, WA
SERVICES PROVIDED: Electrical Engineering Design