Boeing Employee’s Credit Union

DESCRIPTION: This combined 30,000 square foot call center, data center and disaster recovery area accommodates over 100 workstations, a break area, kitchen, coffee bar and a large training facility. The disaster recovery area provides a place for employees to gather, regroup, and resume operations from remote centers across the state in the event of an emergency.

The electrical systems design included new main service electrical equipment, emergency power equipment, 750kW diesel emergency generator, 400kVA UPS and power distribution centers for server and network equipment. Specialized grounding systems were designed to ensure resistance to ground for the MDF, IDF, and data centers was less than 3 ohms. Subsystems include integration of the fire alarm, data center AC and emergency power systems, to a centralized control and notification system. Electrical design also included lighting, power and communications systems and cable trays.

LOCATION: Spokane, Washington
FACILITY SIZE: 30,000 Square Feet
ARCHITECT: MMEC Architecture – Spokane, Washington
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Power City Electric – Spokane, Washington
SERVICES PROVIDED: Electrical System Design